Sunshine Coast Gymnastics Academy offers classes in gymnastics for children aged 1.5 years to adult.

Our preschool classes focus on assisting young children’s development of fundamental and gymnastic movement skills in a fun and safe environment. Parents/Carers are invited to participate in class to assist their children and join in the fun!

Children can start in our general gymnastics classes once they reach school age. These circuit style classes focus on developing fundamental movement skills, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Whilst all activities are designed to promote gymnastics skill development, the skills developed will assist children in a great range of activities outside of gymnastics! These classes are suitable for beginners.

Extended gymnastics classes are offered for children who achieve a certain standard of skill in the general gymnastics program, children who are aged over 10 years, or upon assessment where they have existing experience in similar sports such as dance, acrobatics, calisthenics etc. As these children will have developed some basic skills they will start to work towards higher level gymnastics skills. These classes run for 1.5 hours.

Advanced/Open Gymnastics classes are offered to children who have decided not to continue in the competitive program, have extensive experience in gymnastics or are aged over 15 years. These classes allow children to develop or maintain skill without the training requirements of the competitive programs.

The activities offered in the programs are based on the routines in the level 1-3 competitive program to prepare children if they wish to join the levels programs in the future. Children are constantly assessed throughout the term and are offered the opporunity to participate in our SCGA Carnival’s where they will be able to present routines, be formally assessed and rewarded with medals for their achievements.